Feb. 23rd, 2012

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The Rebirth of Bruises

COMING Summer 2012

 Well hello there, it’s been quite a while (I refuse to do the math) since this story saw an update… I’m here to say that starting in June this year, Bruises will become my #1 project and will be completed before the summer is done.

Yes, you read that right!

For those interested, I’ve been working on my original writing over the time since Bruises entered hiatus (along with a stint on Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction, which I will tackle after Bruises). Though I’ve undergone loads of progress and improvement, letting Bruises sit here unfinished and unpolished has grated on my writing consciousness. Therefore, to put old ghosts to rest, I’ve decided to pick back up from the beginning and hopefully do my original idea justice.

Bruises will be posted here (all the old chapters will go away) and also on my Dreanwidth account (skye-hakari.dreamwidth.org). My focus will be more on my dreamwidth page (and possibly my old livejournal account—skye-hakari.livejournal.com), so if any of you wish to be more involved then find me thereJ.

I hope to see all of you lovely readers in June, and I hope that the reborn Bruises will be to your liking.

Until then,


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 Sooooooo...I've been gone a while ^^'
Between school and everything else loaded on my plate (and rare access to a computer without my parents watching), well, my posting has slowly died..
But here I am! Giving it the proverbial CPR! XD

Though really: from now on I will be making more of an effort to post regularly, if not daily then a few times a week.
So look forward to seeing more of me ^.^/ (you lucky people you XD).

Til' next post,

p.s. Would you readers like me to start having regular posts? Like a weekly reaction to news, or a random facts about Skye post, etc.?? 
Seems like an interesting idea to me, comment if you like/don't like/have an opinion :)


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