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Today's a great day. An absolutely fantabulous day ^.^ I'm posting for one, go non-procrastination! Though I'm doing it instead of my summer reading, so I guess it's still procrastination ^^' And I've been home all day! Never even changed out of my pajamas :3 Three cheers for relaxation! Especially since my last semester of high school starts Tuesday -.-' My Kindle Fire is actually allowing me to post! *falls to knees and thanks the technology gods* Though it still refuses to let me insert pictures >.< Oh well, picture spamming can commence at a later time. Soooooo people who may possibly be reading this post: what makes a happy day for you? Clearly mine is doing a whole bunch of random nothing in my pajamas~ Skye~
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Even though I'm only seventeen, I think I have a fairly strong sense of what I want in life. For me, my boyfriend is currently the best thing going on in my life :) He's one of my best friends, and we always talk out any problems. When I'm feeling down about my writing or problems with my family, he's always there. I've always needed someone to back me up day to day, and having Ron just makes my days better :)

We've been dating for over six months now (my longest relationship) and it's comfortable. We goof off, hang out with friends, play video games, and fall asleep on the phone together. Not to sound like an infatuated teenager, but I can see myself with him for a very long time. He makes my days better, and in following with my friend Lauran's advice, I think I'll keep him XD.



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