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So yeah, I started writing this on my pad of blue sticky notes as I perused the internet. I'm not sure if I want to continue it to its conclusion, so I'm posting a teaser segment and putting a poll at the end so all my lovely friends may help me decide ^.^

The prospective title is 'Wedding Dress'.
Kassie sighed as she adjusted Melanie's veil and tried not to stare too long at the bride-to-be in the mirror. People always say a wedding dress makes a woman glow...and dammit are they right. The beautiful brunette carried an aura of happiness around her, and everyone would flock to bask in the brilliance of her joy.

"Oh Kassie! You look so gorgeous in your dress! I knew picking deep purple for the dress would suit you so well!"
"You always could pick colors that worked for me, Melanie. Guess that hasn't changed."
"Call me Mel again, please. It hurts that you're so distant now when we were once so close..."
That's because you can't stand thinking you ruined my life. Honestly, why am I even here?
There's a little bit more but...should I continue?

on 2012-01-10 07:04 pm (UTC)
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Why not continue? I'm interested in reading more about the relationship between Melanie and Kassie. Who is Mel marrying? Is she really happy or is it the wedding gown illusion?


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