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Well hello there! ^.^
Welcome to my lovely journal (at least I hope it'slovely, with a brilliant moment here and there). Call me Skye, I rather enjoy that name :)

Here I shall try to record bits and pieces of my hectic live, and maybe break my block against maintaining to write every day. I'll have all the important entries like writing pieces listed under respective titles in this post, and probably the non-important ones too. Enjoy ^.^

**Also, if you wish to friend me (not everything I post will be public), then comment to this post. It helps me distinguish friend from stranger :)**

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 Sooooooo...I've been gone a while ^^'
Between school and everything else loaded on my plate (and rare access to a computer without my parents watching), well, my posting has slowly died..
But here I am! Giving it the proverbial CPR! XD

Though really: from now on I will be making more of an effort to post regularly, if not daily then a few times a week.
So look forward to seeing more of me ^.^/ (you lucky people you XD).

Til' next post,

p.s. Would you readers like me to start having regular posts? Like a weekly reaction to news, or a random facts about Skye post, etc.?? 
Seems like an interesting idea to me, comment if you like/don't like/have an opinion :)
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Chapters 1-6
[undergoing revisions]
Chapters 7-
[undergoing writing]


The Rebirth of Bruises

COMING Summer 2012

 Well hello there, it’s been quite a while (I refuse to do the math) since this story saw an update… I’m here to say that starting in June this year, Bruises will become my #1 project and will be completed before the summer is done.

Yes, you read that right!

For those interested, I’ve been working on my original writing over the time since Bruises entered hiatus (along with a stint on Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction, which I will tackle after Bruises). Though I’ve undergone loads of progress and improvement, letting Bruises sit here unfinished and unpolished has grated on my writing consciousness. Therefore, to put old ghosts to rest, I’ve decided to pick back up from the beginning and hopefully do my original idea justice.

Bruises will be posted here (all the old chapters will go away) and also on my Dreanwidth account ( My focus will be more on my dreamwidth page (and possibly my old livejournal account—, so if any of you wish to be more involved then find me thereJ.

I hope to see all of you lovely readers in June, and I hope that the reborn Bruises will be to your liking.

Until then,


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Today's a great day. An absolutely fantabulous day ^.^ I'm posting for one, go non-procrastination! Though I'm doing it instead of my summer reading, so I guess it's still procrastination ^^' And I've been home all day! Never even changed out of my pajamas :3 Three cheers for relaxation! Especially since my last semester of high school starts Tuesday -.-' My Kindle Fire is actually allowing me to post! *falls to knees and thanks the technology gods* Though it still refuses to let me insert pictures >.< Oh well, picture spamming can commence at a later time. Soooooo people who may possibly be reading this post: what makes a happy day for you? Clearly mine is doing a whole bunch of random nothing in my pajamas~ Skye~
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 January-March 2012

April-June 2012

July-September 2012

October-December 2012
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 Wedding Dress (teaser here)

May I Have This Dance? (teaser here)

Stained-Glass Butterfly (teaser here)

Perfect Imagination (teaser here)
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Even though I'm only seventeen, I think I have a fairly strong sense of what I want in life. For me, my boyfriend is currently the best thing going on in my life :) He's one of my best friends, and we always talk out any problems. When I'm feeling down about my writing or problems with my family, he's always there. I've always needed someone to back me up day to day, and having Ron just makes my days better :)

We've been dating for over six months now (my longest relationship) and it's comfortable. We goof off, hang out with friends, play video games, and fall asleep on the phone together. Not to sound like an infatuated teenager, but I can see myself with him for a very long time. He makes my days better, and in following with my friend Lauran's advice, I think I'll keep him XD.

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 That's right! It's that time where I post little snippets of my original writing for all my lovely LJ friends to read and comment on ^.^/
Now, after this, I'm making all entries of the stories themselves Private (in order to protect my stories). One can never be too cautious with her babies! So, if you're interested in reading a specific story as I post more, just say so in a comment and I'll add you to the list of people I'll grant access to read more. Also, I highly appreciate comments and feedback both negative and positive. Especially detailed comments: quote a favorite line, say which part was your favorite. "I love this!" is all fine and dandy, but there's not much I can do with that to become better and improve ^^' So please help me out ^.^

Without further ado, here's all three teasers! Enjoy ^.^

p.s. the formatting for the teasers decided to go a bit screwy, but I fixed them as best I can ^^'

p.s.s. Here's a link to my other teaser I've posted so far for my short story 'Wedding Dress'. Please look at it too ^.^

May I Have This Dance? )
Perfect Imagination )
Stained-Glass Butterfly )
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So yeah, I started writing this on my pad of blue sticky notes as I perused the internet. I'm not sure if I want to continue it to its conclusion, so I'm posting a teaser segment and putting a poll at the end so all my lovely friends may help me decide ^.^

The prospective title is 'Wedding Dress'.
Read more... )
"You always could pick colors that worked for me, Melanie. Guess that hasn't changed."
"Call me Mel again, please. It hurts that you're so distant now when we were once so close..."
That's because you can't stand thinking you ruined my life. Honestly, why am I even here?
There's a little bit more but...should I continue?
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 Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction
Make Me Whole ; Roy/Ed; PG-13; Then I see your face/I know I'm finally yours, I come to you in pieces/So you can make me whole

Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction
It's Over ;Axel/Roxas; PG-13/R?; "I really don't know if I'll ever be okay...without you. You were the reason I got up and told the world to kiss my butt every morning."

Bruises ; PROJECT COMING SOON (Summer 2012)
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Make Me Whole, a Fullmetal Alchemist oneshot. Written in 35 minutes while I couldn't sleep, using a pencil, pink sticky notes, and my trusty iPhone for light. Because (of course) heaven forbid I try to limit myself to only working on large projects (coming soon, I hope). Guess my muse decided to teach me a lesson -_-' Oh, and I pray I kept my lovely OTP in character....Feedback please?
Rated...PG-13?? Ed curses and Roy's inner voice curses, yet they don't do anything more than kiss *le gasp!*

Disclaimer I don't own them, believe me I'd have a heart attack from sheer joy if I did. Therefore, I make no money off this. *hugs /small/ Ed plushie* Lyrics belong to Red, and I highly recommend listening to their song Pieces while reading. Sets the mood very nicely, in my opinion.
#096. Writer's Choice [Pieces]
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Welcome ^.^

About Me
Call me Skye. It has nothing to do with my real name, but it does start with the same letter.

For Knowing Me As A Person
Go to my personal LJ: [ profile] skye_scribendi 

For Knowing Me Through My Fanfiction
You've come to the right place! I used to base all my operations on, but I've fallen in love with LJ and moved everything here...but don't worry, I still update my FF account.

A Few Simple Ground Rules
1. If you friend me, I'll friend you back. I'm all for sharing the love :)
2. If you comment on a story, I will forever love you.
3. If you comment with something crude, malicious, rude, or utterly unrelated to this LJ at all, I'll delete it. Simple.
4. I'm a nice person, I really am. So don't do something to make me be a mean person, because I can be. It's the golden rule people!
5. If you have any questions for me, advice to give, or you simply want to say hello....message me :) I only bite my RL friends who deserve it.
6. If you're underage and reading things you shouldn't be reading here.....well, I can't say too much without being hypocritical. So just...don't get in trouble. Please. It's not a fun place to be.
7. To find any of my fanfiction, simply go to my tags and click on either a relevant tag or find the index for whichever fandom you're looking for. For example: Tags > Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Index > Bruises [Done] See, I try to male things simple for my readers :)
Any other questions? Simply comment and I'll answer to the best of my ability.
Some (most) of the material I post contains adult concepts (at times explicit) that contain homosexual relationships and a variety of issues not always approved of in the mainstream world. Let's be adult here: you don't like it, then you don't read it. Nobody is forcing you to read it. I'm not holding you at gunpoint making you absorb the words. Again, the golden rule.
Enjoy the postings :)

Until next time,
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